Must be visited again

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Jessica Ferrari

Absolutely fantastic. Had texted with her for a few days about a visit. She responded to everything I asked for, and when I asked for a picture of her cock, it was sent too. It was nice to know what I was going to work with. I booked an hour with her - cheaply I thought .. I was let in and we got settled .. I was excited to see if she lived up to my expectations. We kissed deep and horny with each other and damm she could suck .. Got the pants of her and yes, it was a little exciting to see if the submitted picture as well as pictures on the profile matched the tool .. It absolutely did .. Lovely big happy cock who was just waiting to be used. The 22 cm are not a long way off. Large, lovely and fullbodied. Went with her down on the bed and took her cock in my mouth, sucked and sucked, and slowly longer and further down the throat, finally all the way to the bottom. Lovely with a trans, with a nice cock. We exchanged places and now it was my turn to be sucked. Have an ok big cock, about 21 cm, and she slid it very nicely down her throat. She can certainly suck a cock and she is also very good at it. She stopped just as I was about to come, ask me to turn around and present my ass. Held my breath. Now I thought it was dick time, but no, she started licking my ass, licking my ass just as well as she licked my cock. Do not know how long it's been going on, but it lasted for some time Tongue longer and farther into my ass while mastering my very rigid dick .. She got up took a rubber and slowly slipped into me, calmly until I was completely open and ready and then the hell broke loose. She fucked me like a maniac. I got a lot of dick and she got on .. she pounded me hard and long in my ass .. she stopped asking me to turn around too, i got more dick again she sighed Again was about to come and stop.. Now I had to take a cock, I was doing as good as I could now and had a feeling she was about to come when she suddenly pulled her dick back .. She put a new rubber on, I also got my legs up around her ears .. She drilled her dick up and banged me full throttle from the start .. Fuck! It was nice .. Think I got an anal orgasm, felt it tumbled out everywhere and definitely did not control anything. She pulled out again and came up and began to jerk her cock in my face, was aware of what it meant so I opened my mouth and was ready to receive .. Love sperm in my mouth so she could Just come. When I opened my mouth, she immediately let her cock slip into my throat and then began to mouthfuck me all the way out, just the head was in the mouth, or else it was completely in it. It did not go on for a long Time before she came and I felt she would pull out so I grabbed the ass on her and pushed her cock into my throat ... She shot a proper load of sperm down my throat and I swallowed every drop, sighed and sucking her cock clean from sperm. Now it was my turn to come, she fell down on me and began to suck me again. She went deeply from the first suction and continued until I came .. She just managed to move the head before I emptied my sperm filled cock .. it poored out of my cock in cascades Of sperm .. It was all over everything. We got clean wiped off the semen etc. I took my clothes, kissed goodbye and walked away so happy out of the door .. Sad in the car an hour and 15 min. after I had parked, you did not see any clock watching there. Drove from there with a nice soar feeling in the ass, and a nice taste of sperm in the throat. Very happy, I drove from there. 10-15 minutes after while I was driving, I received a text from her where it said: thank you so much for a good bang, maybe we can do it again one day. Yes, thank you, I think so too.

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Most definitely

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The best trans I've tried to date, and there have been a couple through the years. At no time did we talk about the black kisses, they just came ..

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