You will fall in love with her

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I met Kaye and I have to say that it has been one of the best experiences in my life.
As a firstimer with ts, I have to say that she is amazing. She was very very nice, polite and well educated, She did not rush at all, actually this was the first thing she told me, not to worry about the time and be relaxed because she wanted that I, as a firstimer, was comfortable. And she succeded. I was relaxed and very comfortable. She is very nice to talk to, you can see that she is educated and the most important a person that cares. During the whole time she had no other goal that to make me have a great time. I am really really grateful for that. every thing was natural, easy and very very sexy.

In bed, she was amazing. She was extremely clean, smell like a goddess, and when I have to blow her I found a really hard an hot dick that NEVER went down. The size was just perfect, and I did not get tired of sucking, WOW! I never thought I could have so much pleasure as I had when she penetrate me, slowly, asking all the time if I was ok, and going harder when I ask for it. She fulfil all my desires. I am honest, I never thougt, my first time would be so amazing. The only problem that I have, and it is a big big problem, is that now I can not wait for seeing her again.

She is a great nice person. It is not only the sexual thing, she gives much more than you can imagine. You feel comfortable and safe in her arms. I can only give her 5 stars because this website does not allow more, but I would give her a thousand stars. Thank you very much Kaye, Love you.

Did she live up to your expectations?

It was much much much much much more than I expected! By the way, she is much much prettier and spectacular in person that in the photos.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything was perfect

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all. She gave me much more than I expected: empathy, sweetness, love and passion

Comment to the rating

I would give her more stars if I could, but the web does not allow

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, January 2017

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*) Kaye ist auch bekannt als: Kyla und Bea Rose

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