I could not sit down for 3 days after

Review by: Sperti
Published: 1459080970000
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Dea Bruna

Before we meet, I was wondering how it was with a shemale? I saw Deas profile and i love tattoo shemales so I was excited to get an email from her. She speaks good english and answers very quicky. I go to the addres she sent me and there she was waiting for me. I take a shower and when I came out from the shower she was waiting for me on the bed with stockings on and sexy looking with her eyes. I go there and we startet gentle with massage and then she got me down and show me her gun and ask if I would like to try it? It was my first time so, I say yes and I feel how the blood is going to the top of the "gun" in my mouth. She got hard fast and then she ask: "are you ready to loose your ass-virginyty?" Yeah, I said and I was a little bit nervous. Okey Ass upp doggystyle position and she put my head down. Lube in the ass and some fingerin first, after that she put her gun in my asshole and there we go. First 3-5 min was painfull as fuck. That bring memories from my teenager years, when I take the ass virginity of my exgirlfriend and she said it hurts. :D After 5-10min doggystyling my butt get relaxed, and I can breath now and focus on my muscles, I start to feel euphoric. After that we try cowgirl and at last missionary, she cums in my face (big load, salty). Totally dominant, I could not sit down for 3 days after that virginity session. after that I shower again and we talk a little bit and then I leave thinking what the fuck just happened, Dea Bruna happened.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes totally! She was good for a beginner like me.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Dea take total control and is very dominant. I love it.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes but is our little secret.

Comment to the rating

I was nervous but Dea Bruna take total control and I was feeling full of euphoria. She was nice and not rushy

Time and place of the experience

Helsinki Jan 2016

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