She was so tight and very horny

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Alicia Vial

I met Alicia in Stockholm when she opened the door she was in this beautiful black corset witch got me rock hard allmost instantly.. she invited me in, she was absalutly beautiful exactly like her pictures.. very pleasent and energetic.. we enterd her room and her apartment was very nice in the centre of Stockholm so easy to get to from the subway. she started of by kissing and then working my tool as we kissed she then started to suck me while she was in on all fours i grabbed her amazing ass and spread her cheeks... she continued to suck until i almost popped then she layed on her back and then it was my turn she is not incredibly hung but it suits her size very well.. after i entered her from behind she was so tight and very horny.. we went on for a while and the experience was amazing I do recomend her she is amazingly feminine and very sexy

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not that i know of

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I would give 6 but there isnt a 6 star option

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Stockholm 2015

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Alicia Vial

Está en: Auckland, Nueva Zelanda
Última de 4 reseñas: I fucked her ass and it was great

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