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Amazing lady, visited me at my place tall sexy, nice boobs ass. For her i dress skirt, bra, wig, high heel shoes and she make up my face. She is taller then me so my mouth same height like her boobs. Give me nice long deep kiss several minutes them push her boobs to my face so i lick, suck them and she enjoy it. Then i suck her huge dick wich became hard soon, also lick her great ass. Forcing her huge dick deep in my throat, slaping my face hard. First position she fucked me was doggy give me poppers, lube good my ass and her dick and started slow inserting her huge dick in my ass. Telling how love my tight whore ass, after 10 minutes i thought she is whole inside but she said its only half inside and she will break my slut ass, sudemly she grab my mouth and stick whole dick inside my ass, wanted scream but she cover my mouth with her hand and fucked me hard so hard as i think she will split my ass. After maybe 10 minutes she remove her hand and continue fuck my ass hard pressimg my bra, slap my ass to hard. Then she put her foot on my head and continue fuck me like that telling that whore like me deserve that. After next 20 minutes she pull out her dick and give me big load in my mouth. I suck her again and now i ride her dick as my dick was s hard she grab it and jerk hard so i cum on her boobs, she then lift me easy like a toy and started fuck hard as she can same time she kiss me deep i feel i could not take it more but she didnt stop fucking me deep hard as her true bitch and whore so she cum on my ass. After that we shower together lot kiss deep she suck my dick to i cum on her face big load. Next i was lei on bed on my stomach she lei over me whole weight and fucked my ass hard push my head down very hard she was doing that over half hour then she seat on edge of bed and i seat on her dick my back look on her face she do it deep hard and after some time when i thought we Will make break she just lift me again and fucked so hard as i could take
That ass is, mine told i own it. This time svhe cum on my bra and i cum on her dick so i suck it lick to eating my and her load. For end she piss on me in my mouth, face, wig.

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Yes and much much more

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Piss, kiss

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Top lady for hard sex.

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LA 2024

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