A Second Incredible Meeting with ELEKTRA

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This was my second visit to Elektra and it came on the heels of the first by just a few hours. I had to run several errands in her neighborhood after seeing her, but could not get her out of my head as our previous meeting was very intense. I decided to text her to see if she was available - she said yes and pointed out she had already done the work to prepare me for another session. I was at her place in 10 minutes.

When I arrived the door was partially open and she called for me to come in. The moment I walked into her room we were in a deep French kiss - her tongue was buried in my mouth and I felt completely taken away. In almost no time my clothes were on the floor and we were on the bed kissing and stroking one another. This quickly became a 69 with her on top driving that big tool all the way down my throat as I gasped for breath. She would withdraw for moment and then reattack my throat with vigor. Thick streams of saliva gathered on her cock and flowed onto my face, neck, and hair. When she pulled out for the last time she started rubbing her balls and ass across my face and mouth. From there she sat on my face and pulled my ass up to her and rimmed me like mad. This was all getting me ready for being fucked in multiple positions until I couldn't handle another stroke.

Elektra let me up and told me to get on all fours at the edge of the bed. She slid inside me slowly so I could feel every cm of penetration all the way to the hilt. She picked on the pace thrusting harder with each stroke. She wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled me up so my back was against her chest (while not missing a stroke). Elektra then turned my face back towards her and kissed me deeply, squeezed my mouth open and spit inside. It was so unexpected and made me even more aroused From here she stood me up and had me standing up facing a closet, legs spread and back arched (again without missing a stroke). She really went hard in this position - her hips slapping against my ass over and over again. After several minutes she pulled me back to the bed where she laid down with me on top in a reversed cowboy (all while see remained buried inside me). More deep fucking with me on top until I pulled away for moment - just one. She quickly took us to an ottoman bent me over and grabbed my hips - ass up, back arched, and legs spread. After a few minutes, I was broken and had to tap out.

We returned to the bed and laid down - just to breath for a minute. She told me to take my time and started kissing me lightly. It was incredibly erotic - soon she was on top of me gradually kissing deeper and deeper and began rubbing my cock. Now she was sliding my dick inside her and began riding me and wrapping her hands around my throat - even now Elektra was in charge, grinding me and choking with both hands - it was an amazing sensation. I was 100% enamored. She pulled off me and mounted my face one last time for some comparatively gentle deep throat.

After, we relaxed a bit and I told her she was incredible. Her reply, "I do love my pussy". She kissed me deeply again, I showered and departed. I will certainly come back.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Unbelievable!!! Far, far exceeded my wildest expectations.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything many, many times.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I got things I didn't know existed.

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Brussels. April 2014

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