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Texted Kim in mid april to check availability. She had just woken up and was springhorny as she said just come over. I drove over superexcited, as i had met her a few times before.

I parked and walked over to apartment. Very discretely. She has a nice place in posh area. I knocked on door and she let me in. Was in in thong with a cigin her mouth. Super sexy.

I undressed and walked over for greetings and got a deep french kiss. Mmmm she was in the mood. I started feeling her cock. She sat in sofa, and i sat on my knees starting to suck her. She moaned. Liking it. It grew stiff fast. Havent cum in a couple of days so lots of milk for u my bitch. I sucked and licked tasting her precum. Suddenly she tightened upmand came with roar…..shot a huge load of milk in my mouth. Tasted yummy…..she looked happy. Lets go to the bedroom baby. We lay in bed kissed n cuddled. Touched each other. Give me a massage she ordered. She lay on her stomach and gave oil. I worked my way from legs up to neck. She enjoyed it. Was really relaxed. Being all shinynin sexy oil she felt sexy and i could see hunger again. Suck me stiff. I want to rape u bitch…..mmmmm i sat on my knees started sucking her….tasted her salty cock….it got stiff….she put on condom n lube…..sit doggy bitch….she entered carefully with her huge cock. It is amazing how she can do this wo much pain…..once in she held my hips and started pumping my ass…..all the way….deep. Spanking me….calling me slutbitch…..this went on until she said….ride me….she lay down….cock stiff ass rock….i sat on her….did my best… sexy being her bitch……she smiled….enjoyed using me……go off me….come her baby…she took of rubber and sprayed another huge load in my mouth… tasty….she looked satisfied…..we just taled and cuddled for a while…..but believe or not….she wanted me to suck her a third time. She had more milk. And yes she did……3 cum in 2h….amazing sex godess…..

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Mid april 2024

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