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Robyn Blake

Met Robyn in Ladbroke Grove.
Her room was well equipped with a shelf of intimidating dildos of all shapes and sizes, lots of mirrors and a projector playing tgirl porn.

Im 5,8 and she was much taller than me. She was very dominant and fully in charge but very reassuring, easygoing and kind at the same time.

As soon as the paperwork was done, she gently pushed me down to my knees, pulled out her dick and placed it in my mouth. I started sucking and licking her dick and her balls.
She got hard in a few seconds and was pushing it in my throat till I was gagging. She would pull out to check on me before shoving it back in. She only stopped when my eyes started watering from gagging too much while deepthroating her. I apologised for not being able to deep throat for a long time but she said I did not need to say sorry.

She then led me to her bed, bent me over in front of a large mirror and started fingering me.
She started to nibble my ear as she counted up the number of fingers she had in me. She got up to 4 before I said I couldn't take more. She pulled her hand out of my ass and started to put a condom on her dick. I got a brief chance to lick her asshole as she was rubbering up.

She then got behind me and gently started pushing her dick in. She was rock hard at this point. Once in, she whispered in my ear that she is going to start pulsating her dick inside me.
I could feel her dick inside stretching me each time she twitched it. It felt amazing.

She then expertly maneuvered me in many different positions without ever pulling out.
I was taken on my stomach, on my side then on my back with my legs pushed behind my ears and Robyn's hand inside my mouth.

She remained sensual at all times giving me lots of eyecontact as she was thrusting away.
Robyn then picked me up with ease and got on her back whilst still inside me and encouraged me to ride her as she played with my dick.
I obliged while rubbing her balls with one hand and her tits with another. Soon I covered her tits with cum as she was deep inside me. She had told me on the phone that she doesn't cum so I got off and went to the shower.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, and more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She is a seasoned pro. You can relax in the comfort that she will push you to your limits in a safe and caring environment. I had planned beforehand to ask her for a golden shower at the end of the session. But I came before I had a chance to ask. I did not ask so I'm not sure if she provides.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

December 2021

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Robyn Blake

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