A veteran top and consummate professional

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Jasmine Kusuma Lee

Met her in Tokyo again after a looong time. Booking was a bit difficult (I guess she is a busy girl...) but finally got things sorted.
Incall location near Roppongi is convenient but room is quite small and has her stuff is everywhere (pots of shopping lol).

She has always been a big and tall girl. Good match for her top service. But she used to be very fit/muscular, now she is getting more meaty and has a belly.
Also her accent has not changed in 10+ years. Still sounds like a pinoy country bumpkin. It always breaks the mood slightly when she calls you bitch or slut with that accent...

Once we got down to action things are pretty good. She is an excellent top and knows how to take charge.
Her dick is not huge but was rock hard the whole time and she fucked me in many positions. She finished by shooting a huge load.

Overall she is a total pro. To her credit she did not rush me and is not a clock watcher.

Small deductions for:
1. She is getting a bit fat...
2. The accent is still a turn-off and really clashes with her otherwise sophisticated/classy appearance and style

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, a reliable professional/veteran

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Huge cumshot (but kind of expected after the way serviced her)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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She is a consummate pro

Time and place of the experience

2023 Tokyo

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