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She is perfect, great look sey, tall in her high heels 6,3 6,4 and taller then me 6,1. we are sbout same age 29 -28. She loed my young look. Lot kissing at start, lick her boobs. could see how her dick grow under skirt. go on my knee and start suck it, was semi hard and she insert it half in my mouth.feel good, lick her suck deep she try force i+t whole down but to big for me. Slap my face nw with hard cock as tell me stand on all 4 as she will fuck me doggy. lube my ass good and dick to nd start penetrate my ass, tight ass she said love it so much will fuck you all night as you are my whore now.fter five minutes i thought she is whole inside but she said no bitch im just half inside your tight ass, then she lei over me grab my mouth with one hand and insert whole dick in my ass.woow want scream but she hold my mouth and start fuck me hard deep, pain and pleasure i feel as she call me her sluty, bitch whore.Said this ass will be fucked gang bang next time as i will cll my friends to fuck you like bitch as you deserve.After maybe 20 minutes she take her dick out and give me big load in mouth.Love your tight ass i cum so hard my bitch.then we shower and i ride her huge dick, then i lei on my back pillow under my ass and she start fuck me legs open under me she do it hard and deep. after 30 minutes get huge load on face and mouth.
then we shower and while shower she piss on me and i drink all.Then we chat and she told me she will dress me as girl as i am her bitch now, i agree. give me wig, bra, panties, skirt, mesh pantyhose, make up, lipstick.Also said have suprise for you. I suck her dick when someone was come she call her friend handsome who have huge dick even bigger then she. She was 11 and he maybe 12. Suck them both and then he fuck me doggy and i suck her dick deep.Woow his dick is huge and fucked me hard and heloved my tight ass to. After 15 minutes he givwe me big load in mouth.They change positions one i suck one fucked me.Gave me several load in mouth, i cum 3 times on my stomach. For end both piss on me. We agree that next time she bring some more friends.

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Yes and much much more she is amazing.

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dress me like bitch and call her friend

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