Dazia Goddess

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Dazia Kockdazian

After short call we agree whole night, i come to her place, nice look we are about same age and same height, with high heels she is litlle taller. She liked me to give me deep kiss tongue and while we kiss she grab my ass and said this is my ass now, You Will be fucked like my litlle slut. On my knees i started suck her cock wich soon become big and hard, choke me deep in my throat, slap my face with dick. First position was doggy, finger my ass one and two finger and then slow start penetrate my ass. Love your tight ass she said, Will fuck you all night. After few minutes she was half in then sudenly put her hand on my mouth and insert whole dick inside my ass. Wanted scream but her hand hold my mouth, she started fucked me hard, deep, feel her huge dick deep in my ass. You are my bitch tonight and you Will be fucked like slut and whore she said this tight ass can fuck all day. Then she lei over me and started fucked me with all her weight, my face was in pillow moaning, as she said bitch i Will destroy your tight ass. She fucked really hard and fast. After maybe some time we back on doggy and she start slap my ass hard, this bitch ass Will be red she told. Grab my hips and started fuck hard maybe after half hour remove dick and condom and give me huge load in mouth. Take a shower both, we kisses deep lot and she talk how she could fuck me every day, how she love my ass. When we back on bed i ride her, she loved my big dick to while ride her i was hard and she jerk my dick as was horny much and she jerk it fast i cum big load on her boobs. Need lick all clean her boobs. She fucked me another hour in several position then we sleep and on the morning she fucked me again and again most doggy, from behind. And also she give me two time golden shower as bitch like me deserve it. Dazia is amazing tall, skiny nice big dick and can fuck whole day and night.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and even much more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Probably many things

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No nothing

Comment to the rating

Perfect big dick

Time and place of the experience

LA 2023

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Dazia Kockdazian

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