Finally she is back: Alexandra Bittencourt

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Alexandra Bittencourt

Finally! After four long years, Alexandra Bittencourt is visiting the Netherlands again, and just like last time, she has chosen Eindhoven as her home base.

Alexandra Bittencourt... I have been following her for years on Instagram and Twitter, where she redefines the definition of beauty. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as the English saying goes, but in my opinion, without a trace of exaggeration, she is one of the most stunning trans women in the world. How many times have I lost myself in hours of delight in her photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter, with pants around my ankles?

And yet, several years ago, when I discovered she was in the Netherlands, I hesitated. Experience shows that the most attractive trans escorts on Kinky often exhibit an attitude of intolerable arrogance, hardly show any interest, and are constantly texting on their mobile? How many times have I experienced being sent out the door after 20 minutes despite paying for an hour? Or even worse? That an unmade slut opened the door and looked nothing like the glamor photos in the ad?

Nevertheless, I took the chance and traveled all the way from Rotterdam to Eindhoven one evening. I haven't regretted that for a moment. When she opened the door, my jaw dropped in surprise; she looked so glamorous and sexy in her sheer peignoir. I could hardly take my eyes off her deep cleavage, with those beautiful, bulging breasts that almost seemed to want to escape from the fabric. And then her ravishingly big butt, so typically Brazilian! Equally important, Alexandra turned out to be an extremely likeable woman without a trace of arrogance, with a fantastic sense of humor. And oh how wonderfully dominant and sensual she was. She abused me wonderfully that evening. It was by far the best experience I've ever had with a trans woman.

The next day Alexandra flew back to Barcelona where she lives. I had to wait four long years before she set foot on Dutch soil again. In the meantime I have had a number of virtual sessions with her, but webcam sex is and remains a poor substitute for the real thing.

I was therefore incredibly happy and surprised when I received a WhatsApp message from Alexandra last week, stating that she would be visiting Eindhoven during Carnival and that she would have time for me in the evening after the carnival, so on Ash Wednesday. .

So that was yesterday. My God, it was hard for me to concentrate on work during the day, especially since Alexandra had imposed a masturbation ban on me the week before and regularly sent me texts asking if I was adhering to it. When, after a car ride of more than an hour, I rang her doorbell with trembling knees, I felt like a nervous teenager who is still a virgin and about to meet his favorite porn star.

Just like the first time, my mouth dropped open again when she opened it. At my request she wore a tight latex dress, black nylons and black pumps with stiletto heels. She looked wonderfully glamorous with those bright red painted lips and oh, she smelled so good. As a greeting, Alexandra gave me a wet, deep French kiss and then pressed my head against her enormous facade (Alexandra knows that I am a big tits lover. And what I thought possible, her breasts were even more gigantic than four years ago. Wonderful!

Just like last time, the apartment that Alexandra rented was again very spacious and luxurious, just as you would expect from a diva. And against all odds, this time my visit to her even surpassed my first experience. Perhaps this was also because Alexandra now knew me a little better and therefore knew exactly what I liked.

My God, how wonderful it was to finally be able to take that extremely rock-hard cock into my mouth again after more than four years. Then Alexandra fucked me so wonderfully deeply in all possible positions. It was wonderful to be her personal slut, her whore. I regularly had to ask to take a break because I was in danger of coming while she was fucking me, something that doesn't happen to me often. After numerous positions and after she had completely eaten my asshole, Alexandra came deep into my throat. It was wonderful to swallow her warm seed.

Then she ordered me to start jerking while kneeling in front of Her. But how wrong I was when I thought I could cum right away. Because every time I got close to that point, I had to stop. How frustrating, and yet how delicious at the same time! I have no idea how long this edging session lasted. What I do know is that the orgasm I experienced was one of the most intense I have had in recent years. Thank you Goddess Alexandra!

That did not end my visit to Alexandra. I think we chatted for at least another 45 minutes. Alexandra has often worked in England in recent years and that was clearly noticeable. Her English was considerably better than during my first visit.

What a pity that I am on holiday with friends tomorrow and that Alexandra is going back to Barcelona on Sunday, otherwise I would have honored her with a visit every day. I have become completely addicted to this beautiful trans woman.

Did she live up to your expectations?

One hundred percent. This experience was even better than the first time

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got even more than I wanted ;)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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I suspect everyone on this forum has their favorite trans woman. For me that is Alexandra Bittencourt. I find her so incredibly exciting and I feel so wonderfully submissive and slutty when I visit her.

Time and place of the experience

Eindhoven, 14 February 2024

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