ABSOLUTELY Amazing Women,Cock is a Monster!!

Review by: Jay Oleary
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Moment of truth, door opens and she's absolutely Smashing.
Beautiful and amzonaion stance,offered me drinks and suggested I relax.

Experience: lets put it this way she was eager to please and possanite as it was my first encounter.

She stated she'd never seen such a tight arse in ages and couldn't wait to hammer it.

I couldn't believe what I could see under that dress,it was huge and we hadn't even started yet!

DFK rimming the works for 15 mins and I couldn't hold back pulled that monster out,oh my days the joy holding it (just about) in my hands,it was sight.

She leaned that big beast on my arse, rubbed and slapped it so hard,the weight of it is unreal.

She was to excited and took it gently once in, her eyes rolled back, baby this is something I've not felt in very long time.
Your arse is soooooo good tight🤐

I felt my arse stretch as she went to works in many different positions, we kissed alot.
Her body is amazing you couldn't fault it,her arse is something you would like in your face each morning.

She came inside me,after 20 mins of pounding,she couldn't hold it anymore,cum dripping out my arse.
Stella hinted she normally doesn't do this but as I was so nice clean she wanted enjoy our time.

After bit rest,she offered me more whisky and spoke then started all over again I grabbed her cock and sucked and wanked it for her to enjoy.

Then she fuked me like no tomorrow with all noises in the word coming from her,she enjoys being fingered.

All I can say I never imagined to see dick that big in my life and it was something I'll always remember.

She has the biggest one I've ever seen and I'll tell you know its not for faint hearted, its rick hard and girthy too.

She cummed inside me again,she enjoying it more than me and requested I could stay over at no extra charge,due to my personality and shyness

Wanted to fuck me all night she said.

2 hours or more well spoken nice women.
Definitely return as she wants see me again.
Gave me her personal number!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She is open to anything

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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First experience Best ever,she worth every penny,jus for the dick

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