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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

I was reading most of the reviews and it's amazing to see how each of us had his personalized experience.. it's nice to see how Isabella adapt to each of us

So here is my story!

2 days ago I wrote her a message late at night, just checking if she will be available next day..
Luckily she was still awake and asked me to come now! ... to be honest, it was late and I didn't had any motivation to leave home at that hour.. but after few exchange of sms, she charmed me and changed my mind.. i have to say that she is so good at communicating ♡

A quick shower and 30 min later I was near searching the apartment entrance. Was not easy to find, so I had to text several time to ask about the direction.. I was expecting that she will get pissed off.. to my surprise, a humble and tolerant person.. she was kind and answered with no arrogance ♡

When she opened the door, she looked as beautiful as in her pictures... beautiful eyes, a nice smile, a very hot sexy body and a sweet voice.. she great me, give me a kiss and invite me to the room.

We sorted the paperwork, she brings me a cup of water and sit on the bed, open her legs and expose her huge cock and asked me to come suck it ! I was impressed
She dominated me easily and made me take it deep in my mouth more than once. She had a hard masculine cock and a soft feminine skin and that's so unique!

She knew I was virgin and never had it inside of me, but she put me on my belly, finger me with a lub and come on top of me.. I felt a huge cock between my legs and softly trying to get inside.. she did try several time and she knew what she does.. she didn't hurt me at all, she kept trying.. and she then started fingering me again, with one finger, two fingers and then three fingers.. it felt so good !!
I gave up after 30min, couldn't have more.. she then made me suck her cock, and loaded her huge amount of cum on my mouth and face

During all the session she made me feel desired, and respected my soft side with the little desire of been dominated.
I will for sure comeback to her as soon as I can, and hopefully this time I will be ready to take her big cock fully on my ass ♡

Did she live up to your expectations?

Even more than my expectations!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She made me feel desired.. and that's beautiful ♡

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No.. she provided everything agreed on.. and exceeded expectation

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