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Anastasia Penny

On Friday the 22.09. I met Anastasia. I wrote her via WhatsApp and we made an appointment to meet at her hotel room in Frankfurt for one hour. She speaks perfect english and the hotel was easy to find and is located in the middle of Frankfurt.

As I arrived, she welcomed me in very sexy lingerie, gave me a kiss and we went inside her room. She is even hotter than her pictures suggest. I was pretty nervous because it was my first time with a girl like her.
She offered me a glass of water, I gave her the money and after a few words she went on her knees, making me hard nice and slowly.
Couple of minutes later I went to take a quick shower. Afterwards, we started kissing and as i started caressing her beautiful boobs and bottom she took both of our dicks stroking them together. Then she led me onto her bed and we turned into 69. Her dick tastes great and has just the right size to suck it completely. Twice I was about to cum pretty early. As I said so, we slowed down, I took a sip of water, cooled down and we continued without any hurry. Later on she asked me if I would like to try being bottom. I was unsure because I was a bit afraid It would hurt. Ensuring me she would be careful and patient, I agreed. So she got plenty of lube, I lifted my legs and she slowly started to stretch my butt with her fingers and just the tip of her dick. She always looked at me asking if I was okay and if she can continue. As soon as she knew I was fine, she put it in completely.

And what should I say... it was mind-blowing.

While pounding me very gently she stroked my cock. Then she leaned over, kissing me while she was giving it to me. It felt incredible. We changed into me bouncing on her. And feeling her being balls deep inside me, while she was stroking my chest and me touching her boobs simultaneously, was outstanding.
We switched back into the first position. After a couple of minutes she asked me if she should keep on going slow or if she should speed it up. I said she can speed it up. As she went fast on me, while she was stroking my cock, I got harder than ever, and just before my time was over, I exploded with no sign before. She passionately squeezed out every last drop while fucking me.
Then we cleaned up, I took another shower, put on my clothes, had a litte chat and left with a kiss goodbye.

Bottom line: It was an astonishing and intense experience. She made me feel very comfortable and was very patient. Her whole body smelled, tasted and felt amazing. She is smart, considerate, it's fun talking to her, we laughed a lot and she didn't stare at the clock even once. So treat her with respect and you'll have an unbelievable experience that I still dream of.

The only thing I regret is not spending more time with her. It's safe to say that as soon as she is back, I'll visit her again but this time I will stay 2 hours- at least.

Did she live up to your expectations?

More than that.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything was just perfect.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She did everything I wanted and more.

Comment to the rating

She was perfect so 5 out of 5.

Time and place of the experience

5:30pm in Frankfurt

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Anastasia Penny

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