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Renata Molina

When you watch the movies where Renata is the star, at first, you're a little afraid. Maybe a TS with this so big and hard cock will be a goddess, impossible to treat. But not! Renata is a very very kind person, friendly, very well educated and specially oriented to make you feel very good.

I met her in her own flat in Barcelona. Not in a dark, little or strange room, in an appartment shared with more people. Not! Renata have an appartment only for her. And a meeting with her means to be quiet, not disturbed by another people or sounds, and having the possibility of an easy movement in all her home.

I've asked her for being treated like someone of her “victims” in her movies at Pinko Tgirls. And was like this. At first, feeling the best increasement of her cock in my mouth, being impossible to stay all this in. It's so big! But it's specially sensible to the treatment of my mouth and tongue. Nothing can be compared like to feel her cock, the cock of a true pornstar growing and being harder in my mouth.

And was impossible for her to remain her missil in my mouth. She want more, not mouth, but having the propierty of my ass. She know how to send me to heaven. Fast, slow, hard, tender, in all the positions, Renata gived me the best fuck session of my life.

I know that from now on never will be the same. Nobody can be better than Renata, in all the ways and senses. I will travel to Barcelona more times. Now, i have a true reason for go to Barcelona: the true pornstar Renata.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Completely. And more!

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Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Impossible to do better!!

Time and place of the experience

Her appartment in Barcelona

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Renata Molina

Är i: Barcelona, Spanien
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