a rough encounter making me want more...

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She is something else, I met her in Estonia and was easy to communicate with after we agreed on the time was up in her temp place, she went straight to bossiness, and had me suck her cock. After a couple of minutes she started forcing it all the way down, this must have turned her on. If you want the soft treatment she is not the one :) I had to get on all 4s on the couch and she took me from behind. She went from 0-100 right away @ first it hurt but then I started to like it and pushed back this got here really going, she slapped me and started talking dirty. We moved then two the bedroom, continued sucking her and then she wanted to fuck me again. She realy laid it on this time and spit on me and slapped me while fucking me she wanted to see my face and hear me moan taking me from the back...then she took me missionary and ordered me to cum....she is very dominant but I loved it...

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yes indeed

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She is a real Top Dom

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Estonia May 2023

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