amazing body, very hot sex

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Tassia Santos

i saw Tassia for the first time a few years ago. she looks incredible, just like in the pictures. first we sucked each other without condom, which felt great. then she put a condom on and started fucking me standing. her dick is not too big but hard. it felt great. after a few minutes, she pulled and said she came. but she was still hard. she then took off the condom and shove her dick in my ass again fucking harder this time. it felt amazing. after that, she went on all 4 on the bed inviting me to fuck her. which i did. it felt so good to enter her ass that i almost came instantly. i fucked her for a few minutes before she asked me to lay down and started riding. after only a couple of minutes doing that i exploded. she barely had the time to pull my dick off her ass. i came all over her nice butt. it was an amazing experience.
another time i met her, i made her ejaculate hard by just fucking her ass. she’s hot. looking forward to seeing her again

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amsterdam, few years ago

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Tassia Santos

Is in: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Latest of 4 reviews: amazing body, very hot sex

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