Super tight and feminine with a solid tool

Review by: Dr. Burns
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Mikaella Farias

I met Mikaella in Copenhagen in a private apartment in Vesterbro after work. Communication on sms went smooth and with a panting breath I stepped into Mikaellas nest.
I’ve only tried one other shemale, but by god, Mikaelle raised the bar with her stunning looks. She opened the door wearing a short night gown and High heels. She’s tall and lean, beatiful brown eyes and makeup to match with well shaped size D silicone boobs, a really firm booty, and a really beautiful ever-hard cock around 21cm.

I went for a shower followed by a really awesome hard core session with Mikaella. We started out slow with some petting followed by 69. I’ve never sucked cock before but Mikaellas cock was really addictive and I couldn’t stop myself forcing her down my throat. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very active, but she knew I had limited experience and adjusted accordingly.
Next she plowed me on my back, after slowly letting my ass adjusting to her nice cock. Once in, she pounded me deep and I licked her tits as she went to town in my ass, calling me a bitch. It was intoxicating.
We switched and I got to fuck her beautiful heart shaped ass. I was not completely hard but a return to 69 did the trick. I eased into her ass and with a solid grip I pounded her deep doggy style until I got dizzy. We switched and she fucked me doggy style. By now my ass had gotten used to her size and I begged for more!
While returning to missionary she milked herself of pre-cum before entering my hungry ass again. All I could do was enjoy her beautiful looks as she fucked my crawing ass.
Finally I got to cum while she licked my trembling body. I took a shower before leaving with an out of body sensation. She was super cool and with talked a bit before I left, and everything was unrushed.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Hell yes. I’ve had limited experience with shemales, but she surpassed my expectations, wishing I could come back for more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I don’t know

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nope, she was super nice and open to my wishes and needs.

Comment to the rating

I asked her to wear latex long sleeve gloves, but she didn’t have any. This did not change anything.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, April 18th 2023

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Mikaella Farias

Er i: Helsinki, Finland
Seneste af 26 anmeldelser: Super tight and feminine with a solid tool

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