Nice to talk to and good service too - especially for beginners!

Review by: Erwin
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I met Loulou in Frankfurt am Main.
Before the meeting I asked her to be slowly and gently.
It wasn't a problem.

I when she opened the door, she looked stunning in sexy lingery.
She asked me to shower and after I was completely clean.

Loulou started kissing me, and yes she does kissing with tongue, and lets you play with her beautifull breasts. It is at that moment you will be in for a suprise.

She does this gently enough, that she doesn´t break my ass.
but she is gently enough that she lets you know she wants my ass.
she will gently stretch you up more and more.

After a while I was able to take a large part of cock in my ass.
and also blowing it went a lot better then in the beginning.

At the end we ended it in doggy position, with her on top her cock sliding in my mouth in my throat. while she sucked my member till I exploded.

After a cleanup, we had a nice chat of the places she visited and experienced etc.
she is actually very sweet when you get to know her, and likes to speak.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, all expectations were met!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything was fulfilled!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nothing refused!

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Always a good service!

Time and place of the experience

Frankfurt am Main

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Is in: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Latest of 15 reviews: She is the best shemale in Frankfurt!

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