Amazing performance of a beauty

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Arranged a meeting with her a day ahead, she was very understanding, gave directions to her place so it was easy to find. Greeted me at the door in a nice bottomless corset dress, displaying her soft asset right away. As I undressed she decided to remove the corset as well, displaying her whole feminine beauty.
After some quick teasing, I quickly realized there is a language barrier present, as she did not speak English at all. It had me worried for a bit, but I quickly realized she knew what she was doing even without communication.
After getting me hard and ready with some more teasing and a quick bj, she asked me if I prefer to start active or passive, and when I told her I would prefer to start passive, she presented her cock to me, and allowed me to choose where to go with it. I decided to give her a quick bj to get her hard, after which she slowly got up, showed me to move to the edge of the bed with my ass up, covered and lubed up her cock (which is probably required for most, considering her substantial size) and then slowly pushed it into my ass, almost as if she was testing how much she could fit. With her being this careful it didn't take much for her cock to fully disappear inside, which gave her the courage to go harder. Since i asked her to make a video, she shot a few angles of the initial fucking, then put the phone down and went wild. She continued to pound me for about 10 minutes, after which we took a short pause. We got eachother hard again, and I thought she would continue the pounding, but this time she was the one to present her ass to me. Of course I did not deny her my cock, so she lubed herself up a bit and guided my cock right into her. For the next 25 minutes we kept fucking eachother's asses, only stopping every few minutes to change position and decide whose ass is next. At the end I told her I wanted to finish, so she kept me in her ass until I was ready, and then then jerked us both off until I finished.
After we were done she allowed me to take a shower, and then we said our goodbye.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. She exceeded expectations, she really was true to her words in the description, she loves her work and doesn't hold back at all. Language barrier does not affect her performance at all.

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, we just went by feeling so there wasn't really much discussion what is available and what isn't.

Comment to the rating

She really enjoys doing this and it shows in her performance.

Time and place of the experience

Ljubljana February 2022

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