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Giulietta Borges

I’ve seen Giullieta visit a few times and thought I’d finally pay a visit.

Comms and apartment: Good, straightforward over text. Provided the address and mentioned parking is available. Set of flats in the middle of town, had private parking so getting in and out was nice and discreet which is always a plus. Standard apartment, tidy and clean so no issues there.

Girl: Definitely the girl in the photos. Better than the pictures for sure, greeted me in a stunning PVC skirt over some black lingerie. Her English is very good too, was very warm and friendly with me throughout.

Meet: Once I arrived, called her and she directed me to her room. Usual behind the door entrance and I was met by Giullieta who looked amazing. Directed me to the room and we handled the business. She offered me use of her bathroom while she stashed the monies. Giullieta then kindly offered me a drink (wine, beer, water, juice) which was very thoughtful of her as I’ve not had that before. I stuck to the water.

Once back, Giullieta gave me a lap dance grabbing her ass while she grinded on me, I soon realised she had no panties on so started to warm up her cock with my hands. Teasing me by making me gently lick the tip and pulling away. I couldn’t handle it anymore and got on my knees and devoured it in my mouth. Started growing and was hard pretty quickly, what proceeded was a good facefucking. Giullieta put her hand on the back of my head to take her full length.

She then asked me if I wanted to be fucked, I said oh yes. Rubbered up and into doggy position and she slowly entered. Once in, we fucked for around 10 minutes before my ass couldn’t take it so back to being facefucked for a bit. Then we went again in doggy and Giullieta pounded away whilst calling me her bitch and I loved it. We then fucked standing against the wall and then in missionary. I then sucked her again and she said ‘this cock is yours tonight’. Giullietta then cummed in my mouth and over my face.

Relaxed for a bit with some small talk and then used the bathroom again to clean up. Got dressed and while I was putting my shoes on leaning over, Giullieta slapped her cock on my face to which we both laughed. Gave her a kiss on the cheek and I was on my way home a happy chap.

Will most definitely be back! Stunning lady, great attitude and a hot fuck, what’s not to like about that.

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Giulietta Borges

Is in: Southampton, United Kingdom
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