A wonderful encounter with Princess Jasmine!

Review by: Scotia
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I booked a 1hr meeting with Jasmine in early January 2022 (Glasgow), she was very accommodating chatting to me beforehand. Upon meeting her she showed me into her flat in lovely black lingerie, quickly getting close giving me a deep French kiss and showing me inside. Then she asked if I would like to shower or use the bathroom once we were inside.

We went into the bedroom I stripped off, we got into the bed and we French kissed. As I explored her body and got to her amazing cock, she pushed me down and teased me. She then let me suck her off, but on her terms with her in control which was great. While on my back she played with my ass getting it ready to take all 9inches of her! She definitely prefers to be Top, as she then got me to bend over teasing my ass by rubbing her hard cock up and down over my ass hole, just hard enough to let the tip slip in and out. This was so hot I loved it!

I then asked if I could top her first before she started pounding me and she graciously accept, rolling over on to her back and let me top her. She had a beautiful ass which was nice and tight, so I got to fuck her for a bit, but she was super horny and wanted to fuck me. So we swapped back and she began teasing me again rubbing her cock back and forth over my hole just letting it slide in and out getting deep and deep with each pass, until she shoving her cock in all the way and then began to fuck me. It was awesome and when she got a bit to rough she kindly eased off when I asked.

Again we swapped back this time her in doggy position and I fucked her till I cummed all over her ass! After that we both lay in bed and I sucked her off, we kissed more, but sadly I didn't have extra for her to cum so had to stop. But she was still super horney so she started fucking me again and this was when she teased me pretending to cum in my ass.

After that we relaxed, she showed me to the shower room, where she showered in front of me and then I cleaned up.

Throughout the whole thing I never felt rushed, uncomfortable or unwanted, she genuinely is good at what she does and has perfected her craft.

All in all Jasmine is the best I have been with and has provides the best service. I look forward to seeing her again and hopefully arranging something a bit more special and intimate next time, so that I can take full advantage of being with her, as she is certainly a one of a kind.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she was exactly like her pictures beauty beyond words, dressed up in lovely lingerie, fresh clean and smelling wonderful. Couldn't have asked for more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything I asked for and more, forgot to check if her cumming was extra which it was but this is standard and forgot to bring extra so missed out on that finish to our meeting. But she did tease me by pretending to cum in my ass :P

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she didn't deny anything from me.

Comment to the rating

5-star rating would give more if I could, had no negatives from our meeting only positives

Time and place of the experience

Early January in Glasgow (Scotland)

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