Amazing top and bottom

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Met her when she was in plaistow, east london. She opemed the door with a nice smile. We sorted paperwork and she left the room to put it somewhere safe. I was alone in the bedroom and she had ts porn on the tv playing which gets you in the mood straight away.

She came back and we kissed softly and started undressing each other. She asked me what i wanted and i told her i wanted to to try top aswell as bottom. Thats exactly what i got. Shes gentle when shes on top but my god does she know how to turn you on. We swapped and i had her bent over, what a beautiful site.

We ended with me on my knees and her giving me her milk directly into my mouth which i swallowed. The best part was that she then got down on her knees and told me to cum. She gave an amazing bj. Occasionally stopping to spit on me which i loved. She made me cum so hard onto her perfect breasts. Was just amazing. Just before we parted ways she was bending over to get her knickers and saw me looking at her so she stretched her cheeks and told me to come eat her ass. Was the perfect ending xx

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