Wonderful experience, fucked my virgin ass thorough.

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I called Akira and we agreed a meeting for the same evening. I had requested to do only blowjobs both ways but no fucking, as no one has ever fucked me in the ass and I wasn't so sure about it. She told me that it's also ok and that she is waiting for the cum to swallow.

I met her in an apartment and she offered a shower at first. Then we went to the business and she asked me to lay down on my stomach and she started a thorough massage with oil. She started from the neck and back and went down to my legs and then on butt. Oh my, it was good. Then she asked me to turn and she started to suck my already hard dick. She was good at it. Later she asked me to bite her nipples. After that she asked me to take of her panties and she ordered me to suck her nice and very hard dick. I did that and she told that I was surprisingly good at it.

Then we went on 69 position and sucked each other. After a while she asked me if I'm really sure I don't want her to fuck me. I asked if she will be careful and she promised. She put condom on her dick and asked me to sit on top. At first it was painful and difficult but after a while I started to enjoy it. She was very patient and kind all the time.

Then she asked me to lay on my back and rise legs up. She started to fuck me on that position very hard by keeping my legs high. Oh I loved it. She was rock hard all the time pounding my virgin ass and talking me dirty words, like how she was the first to have a dick inside of me and how she will fuck me without condom next time and will cum deep inside my ass. Then we changed position again and once again I went to sit on top. I had her cock deep inside my ass while I came with huge load on her belly.

She offered shower again afterwards, we hugged and I left.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, she was very friendly, talkative and kind all the time and very patient with a first timer like me. She was so careful that I was able to take her dick deep inside.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Not really. OWO both ways and then she fucked me with.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not really. I didn't ask to kiss her, as I'm bit afraid of covid and all of that.

Comment to the rating

She was very good for first-timers. Kind and friendly and nice to chat with. Only minus is that she might not be the most feminine one, but still very decent. Nice tits and nipples, good rock hard cock and girlfriend attitude.

Time and place of the experience

Espoo, July 2021.

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Latest of 15 reviews: Wonderful experience, fucked my virgin ass thorough.

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