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I whatsapped Vivi late afternoon and she immediately responded and said I can come over in 15min, it was great as I was near her. City center apartment. When she opened I was "WOW!", she is tall and tight (not a bit overweight, just perfect), was wearing green lingerie and high heels (even without heels she's 185cm+). She's really pretty and pleasant lady. Her tits are PERFECT, her surgeon did 10/10 job. We had small chat, got the paperwork out and onto some making out, she loves to be dominant. Her cock got hard almost instantly and stayed hard through whole session without backing down! I was in only for oral (she being active), I was sucking her on the bed with some deepthroating action and slaps (with both her cock and her hand) and verbal orders to suck her big black cock. She came in my mouth and on my face, rather big load I must say, tasted good. Then she used her finger and cock to pick up cum from my face and bring it to my mouth. Frankly I was scared going anal with her as her cock is rather big and hard as a rock and I'm not that flexible :) We had some chat after sex and I was on my way. Worthy experience, hopefully I'll see her again. Don't miss her out if she's in your town

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Top looks and performance with a good attitude, what more can you ask for

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Belgrade, July 2021

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