Very respectful. The best blowjober I ever met, with a beautiful thick cock. Worth every penny.

Review by: Frank57
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I'm a 57 years old European man, with a little belly and a tiny penis. Not the "prince in a white horse" for sure. After having so many not very good or just "O.K." experiences with some tvs, and even some stunnigly beautiful shemales, I decided to follow my instinct and got to meet CdKatya even if she is just a boy wearing women outfit and she does not show facepicture. Why did I take that decision, because her text was very captivating and made me think that behind this guy wearing women dress, there is a real feminine and beautiful soul.
I always had the fantasy to dress up myself too and I had some bad experiences, where I could feel, they were not really liking the idea of the client cross dressing too, sometimes behaving rude, sometimes rushing me "cum, cum" and even if I paid for 1 hour, I barely stayed 25 minutes.
So I met CdKatya and it was immediatly good. She opened the door in a very politely way, behaved like she was a friend or a girlfriend not a professional and I felt at ease. Offered me something to drink, but I asked for just a glass of tap water.
Then, I paid her the agreed amount for 1 hour and she brought me a bag with lots of lingeries, dresses, skirts and even perruques that I was not expecting to wear. Patiently she helped me, teaching me how to dressed me up and I suddenly reminded me as a kid being dressed by my mother. Such a nice and tender feeling and then, after I became a lady too, she hugged me and gave me a kiss.
I wanted to roleplay that I was the "whore" and she was my very demanding "Client". She made it with mastery. She realized my deepest fantasy, and made it real.
Sexually speaking, she has a very beautiful big and thick "clitor", for those, like me, mouthwatering for fat cocks, this beautiful "lady" has it and she delivers all that she promised.
Higly recommended for those wanting to be treated in a very kind and proper way, passive men wanting a very beautiful and fat cock, active men wanting to get a wonderful blowjob (she sucks you to heaven with her super skilled mouth) or to fuck her ass (this I did not do, I am not into anal, just 69 and roleplaying).
Since then, I met CDKatya more than 10 times and I'll do it for many years, as I am loyal to her.
Not recommended for those that really want very feminine shemales, as she is just a cd or tv, so, not so very feminine face or body. I asked her if she would like to become a shemale and she said she is happy this way, so she is not pretending to have a definitive transformation, but just crossdressing to have fun with men.
So, if you are open to have fun and you miss to be treaten with respect, this girl is yours!

Did she live up to your expectations?

She easily exceeded all my expectations. She is worth every penny, money more than well spent.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything that was arranged over the phone was done, and the time was used very well, from the first minute to the end of the session. And I even exceeded the agreed time a little and therefore, I paid her more money in the end, even if she did not ask.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

She did everything I asked for. She delivered with mastery everything. She exceeded my expectations. I can simply give her 5 stars.

Time and place of the experience

First meeting was in Hamburg in 2019. Last time we met was last week, Brussels.

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