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Giulietta Borges

I meet Giulietta in chelmsford essex, easy to book one phone call then she sent the address and half hour later i was at her door.
She greeted me at the door in a hot leather mini skirt and bra first thing i noticed were her beautiful breasts.
Her pictures are 100% accurate wow she is hot.
Nice clean room on suite, i took a quick shower to freshen up as soon as i came out she greeted me pulled my towel from my waist and started rubbing my cock i went for hers to return the favour we stroked each others she was rock hard in seconds her cock was nice not huge but plenty big. She then lay on the bed and began sucking me while maintaining eye contact her eyes are so sexy she sucked me goood. Then she laid back on the bed and told me to suck her which i did instantly i worshipped her cock she slapped me round the face with it then wraped her legs around me and forced it in my throat so hot.
She told me she was going to fuck me laid me on my back and started tonguing my asshole she then put on a condom a bit of lube pushed my legs as far up as they would go and entered me.
It hurt a bit at first but she eased me in but not for long god she fucked me good and hard she made me feel every inch of her big cock and i loved it and she did too she was so into it.
Eventually she grabbed my cock and wanked me off while fucking me until i exploded everywhere i thought that would be it but she said she was nearly there and kept fucking me hard until pulling out pulling the condom off and blowing a huge load all over me it even hit my face it was great
I then showered got dressed chatted for a bit then left she didnt want me to go and said she wanted to go again lol but i visited on my lunch break from work and had to get back during my stay she didnt look at the clock once.
10/10 amazing beautiful cant wait to visit again

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Giulietta Borges

Är i: Southampton, Storbritannien
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