The best there is, no competition

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I walked through the door and was greeted by Rose, tall and beautiful just like her pictures. Dealt with the money side of things then got started. I told her I want her to be in control and we striped down. Her body is out of this world, huge amazing tits and juicy delicious ass, not to mention her weapon between her legs. I was rock hard and was only just half the size of it when rubbing the together, I was a little afraid to be honest, we then lay on the bed in 69 her on top. She was really good and sucking dick I almost exploded into her mouth. With her ass, balls and dick in my face I didn't know what to start sucking. I started with her ass (she loves it being rimmed) then started getting choked by her giant cock. After a while she wanted to fuck me so she lubed up her cock and my ass and started slowly putting in inside. I was having a hard time trying to get it to fit, but she was so gentle and was kissing me and telling me that it will be fine. Once she was in it felt huge, bigger than anything I've felt before. Rose slowly went deeper and faster for about 20mins until my insides felt mushy and my ass hole was destroyed. She then puled out and unloaded on my face and in my mouth then proceeded to suck me off until I exploded into her mouth. She then offered me a shower and sent me on my way. (Walking a bit funny although)

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5 stars, best there is

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Cambridge, uk 2019

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*) Rose is also known as: Danny and TS ROSEXXL

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