Wow, dominant lady

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Carol Becker

Met this horny beauty about 4 years sgo in Melbourne.
she was my 2nd ts experience.
I arrive 15 minutes early and i message her, unfortunately she was late and said to me hold tight and she will make it up to me. I ended up waiting an hour feeling a bit stupid but boy did she make it up to me.
I was so nervous as i opened the door, but holy shit, tall beautiful, lingeried up with her huge thick cock pointing at me. She grabbed my hand apologies and french kisses me as she slams the door and 'apologies' some more, grabbing my dick through my boxers.
Into the living room she puts me on knees, bends over the sofa spreads her ass and i dive in sucking her perfect hole while reach around and tugging on her huge hard cock wow. I got super hard and was moaning alot, she noticed and softly stood on my dick as i worshiped her asshole and sucked her huge balls from behind, spreading and slapping her ass as much as i wanted. Heaven.
I explained i didnt want to be fucked beforehand, just worship her orally. "You want it hard baby? " as she spun me round and slid her cock down my throat and choked me with it, putting her hand on my head, keeping my mouth firmly on her cock as i struggled for air. As i said i wasnt experienced with ts or cock in general so having a hung beauty force me and manhandle me was a huge rush. Checking if i was ok for second (which hell yes i was), She slapped me hard and started to spit on me as, i was cock down ass up and i was looking up at her, cock deep in my throat.
40 minutes more of me exploring her body, i have no clue, how we ended up doing it, but i came with her hands around my neck, as she kept spitting on my face calling me a slut. WOW.
It left me dizzy, exhausted but with a smile she straddled my face as i caught my breath and unloaded a thick load all over my face and lips. Smacking her semi hard cock over my lips until we both started laughing.
One of my best experiences ever!! . Definitely made it up to me!

Sadly never saw her again

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes, but was late

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Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

Melbourne 2016

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Carol Becker

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