I just like to deepthroat

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I am mostly into blowjobs. I just like to deepthroat no anal. I tried anal but its so painfull and i cudnt take it. Often i ask my gf to fingure me...so when i met bamby she kissed me amd take me straight down to her magic tool...it was hard stiffed and soft like jelly from the top....i asked her to be bit rough so she shoved her tool into my throat and make me full of tears...then she ask me to bend over and i refused as i was scared of anal and her tool was like huge and curvy....she insist and doggy style and then she was on top of me...she was enjoying my super tight ass and i was moaning with pain and pleassure and she was so deep and fast that i cudnt take it anymore...she stoped and shove her tool into my throat and i ask her to slap and spit on me while insde my throat she did the same....then i felt huge shoot of warm gel into my throat..she quickly took her tool out and finished the business on my face....then we talk for a while i took shower she kissed me we hugged each other and i left with pain in my ass and smile on my face...

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