A very decent fuck

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Taissi Fontini

I met Taissi in Rome in a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood, That was in 2015
She looks exactly like her photos, and very calm and quiet. She doesn't speak much English but she will understand what you are asking for.
On that day, I met two TS ladies before her, as I wanted to get the maximum pleasure possible before going back to my country where we do not have TS ladies there! The two TS before had smaller dicks but my ass was wide enough to accept a bigger option ;) I went to Taissi for a good oral experience but when I saw her 20 cm huge thick dick, I started to fantasize having it inside me, so I thought about giving it a try! IT was so damn good and it didn't hurt me at all! in fact i loved the feeling. I asked her to take photos of her dick inside me ( I never did that before!) Then she took some videos.
She kept fucking me till i was about to cum and when i told her, she immediately lifted my butt really high so my dick was pointed to my face and she forced me to cum on my own face! Then she took off her condoms and started to stroke her dick hard and pointed to me to open my mouth, then she emptied her huge load all in my mouth! I swallowed the last drop!

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Rome 2015

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Taissi Fontini

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