Don't miss ridding her cock

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I went to Ninah apartment in Barcelona last summer. She opened the door wearing sexy one piece lingerie and she was wasn't hiding her cock. She looked amazing i entered and paid her then we sat in the living room and immediately started kissing then she took off my clothes and her lingerie then i kissed her again and i went down to her breast and licked them then down between her legs and started sucking her cock it is huge and amazing and she sucked her fingers and fingered my hole while feeding me her cock she then asked me if i wanted to get fucked in sofa or in the bed i told her that I wanted to ride her cock here on the sofa then lubed her cock and i lowered my ass on her cock slowly facing her until it was all in i stayed for few moments to get used to it then started bouncing like crazy it felt amazing stretching my hole and i kissed her and she was saying ride my cock good boy then i left my body up and she drilled my hole hard and fast for 25 minutes before she came inside me then i stood up and put her cock in my mouth and sucked it clean then i looked up at her and asked her to piss in my mouth and she did and i drank every drop then I jerk my cock and came on her cock and she told to lick her cock clean and i did greedily. She is gorgeous girl with steel hard cock.

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Barcelona 2019

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Está en: Granada, España
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