So soft and feminine (but not artificially so). I forgot I wasn't with a phisical woman from birth.

Review by: Exxxo
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It was very very good. She receives you with sexy looks, sexy dance. She makes you feel welcomed. She is very pretty. Very sexy. Very sensual. So soft and feminine (but not artificially so). I forgot I wasn't with a phisical woman from birth. But she has also a very nice surprise down there ;-) that you don't expect from her height and being asian. Since I wasn't up for a second round we talked a bit (good English) and she is very nice, intelligent and even pretty funny.

For me the meeting is pricy but it is worth every penny and I will look for her a second time for sure (and probably again and again and again as much as I can afford). For those who can afford, they should meet her frequently.

Without a doubt, the best escort encounter I've ever had!

But just so that nobody thinks it was perfect - the blowjob (that she does very good) was a bit short. When she was on top, she gave up quickly. Can't speak about her penetrating because I didn't want this time. But all those, for me, are minor things, and if I wasn't shy and insisted, she probably would make longer etc.

Give yourself a present! She's many times better than the ordinary escorts.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She was better than my expectations that were high because of pics./reviews

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I don't think so

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

it would be a 10/10 too and about 95/100

Time and place of the experience

Tel Aviv, January 2020

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