L'amour strike 2

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Met the amazing loulou for 2nd time and it was better than 1st time . When I enter her apartment she offers drink which I accept . We sat on the couch talking for a while and her hand is gliding up and down my leg , gently rubbing my cock through my jeans - my cock was straining for release . Some dfk ensued ( she is wonderful kisser ) and she pulls open my jeans , rubbing my cock and balls while trying to suck the tongue out of my mouth . Off with our clothes and down she goes , sucking my stiff cock and teasing my hole with her finger. Then she did something I wasn't expecting, on her knees , pushes my legs up and licks my hole , she was insatiable. Pushing her tongue inside and jerking me at same time. I can all over myself , never felt anything like it . Into shower to clean and loulou joins me , washing each other . I stroke her hard cock and squeeze her ass , she whispers in.my ear that she wants to fuck me ., turns me around , hands on wall , soaps her cock and gently pushes into my ass ( taking her time as I am bit tight ) slowly but surely builds up steady rhythm. Very intense feelings with water running over me and loulou fucking my ass , I cum again on shower wall . She keep fucking me and I'm not sure I can take much more but soon she exploded inside me , she stays inside me and wraps her arms around me for minute , feels amazing. Then she slips out of my ass and I kneel down and clean her still somewhat hard cock. We come out of shower and dry then lie on bed , I'm tired now but loulou has other idea , turns me.on my back , lubes my ass and back in she goes . Incredible sight before me , pure lust in her eyes as she fucks me again, harder this time and she does not stop until she lets it go inside me again and I can for 3rd time in less than 2 hours , can t believe this . I shower again , alone this time as I can't take anymore. I think my ass belongs to loulou now :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes !!!!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Oh yes , nothing was impossible for loulou ( though I think she likes me and fact she is only one I have been with )

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I didn't even ask for anything, loulou was in control

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