Good first time

Review by: Alexandar
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Ramona Swarovski

After a little bit of waiting she greeted me on the door of the complex she lives in on high heels and short jeans pants. After we went inside the apartment she undressed quickly and under her clothes a beautifull body showed up. Nice round tits and ass and a nice beautifull cock.
It is not as big as advertised but it is nice and delicious. It was my first time with a TS and i wanted to try everything. After short kissing ( she kisses great and have the best lips ) she went down and sucked my cock for a while and after that we switched. I fucked her for a little bit and i again we switched. After that her cock went soft. She did all she could be it didnt turned hard again.
After fucking her for a while we went on 69 and i cummed while she was sucking me. It was with a condom which i didin't liked.
Overall nice experience. I would do it again with Ramona and hope next time she will stay hard till the end.

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August, 2019 , Varna, Bulgaria

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Ramona Swarovski*)

Is in: Varna (Варна), Bulgaria
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*) Ramona Swarovski is also known as: Nikoleta

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