Her instrument is not just a cock, this is a nuclear weapon!!!

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Published: 1574180640000
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She fuck my brain out off my head and my soul out from my body. her instrument is not a cock, this is a nuclear weapon!

In my second visit is possible and living up to the memory or more from the first time. Open door in fantastic lingerie with a friendly smile with a sparkle in her eye not, with any professional face, because it is the second meeting in two weeks. Change welcome speak and drink, money changed owner, followed by a douche and then we go to bed. Fluently like old friends started licking my nipple and playing with my cock. After that she started licking my balls and playing her cock. Have very nice, tight and long cock go a little left with a small head. In the beginning I am sat up and after changing through many position, she fuck me really fantastic about half an hour and this time without big pain, because her cock is really a monster. She preferred the active role, don’t have problem with passive so we change and start with Spanish sex – so nice boobs with nipple as Eiffel tower very sensitive with blowjob and after she go up to me and started fucking me. After many positions we fuck in front of the mirror and I am joking: "Yet Ι am fucking two Vivi " and she say "Yes, only second Vivi don’t feel so fantastic like I am". This day I am the first customers and she is all time hard like stone and in finish cum very far and powered many pulses for my enjoyment. All the time eye contact, loud shouting, in one moment she whispered in Portuguese. After about half an hour I am finished in body and boobs sweaty tired.

She like hard fuck with small pain, quickly and deep. She make this job with love, pleasure – delight and make all possible for you’re happy. Is a really fantastic person. Understand, read your brain what you will. More quickly from Google browser. Have terrific talent for sex and this job. Fantastic time, highly recommended.

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Fantastic time, highly recommended.

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19.11.2019.Lemesos Cyprus

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