Paty initiated me with so much pleasure

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Paty Limonge

Last time was my 2nd time with Paty, and I was decided to be properly fucked by her this time. This time around I didn't freak out and allowed Paty to actually start moving her cock out and in... she gave me poppers and my god my heart was pumping so hard when I started feeling so much pleasure when her cock was moving either in or out... she fucked me like that for a while and then started thrusting really deep, and my god it was so much pleasure,,, the pain multiplied the pleasure.. in that moment I stopped being just curious, Paty transformed me and I can't wait to meet her again, just thinking about that makes my cock rock hard... after fucking me silly she did put her immense penis in my mouth and fucked my face... I couldn't stand anymore and I did cum like crazy... Next time I will cum with her cock inside of me, I can't wait

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2019, Turku

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Paty Limonge

Is in: Athens (Αθήνα), Greece
Latest of 13 reviews: Paty initiated me with so much pleasure

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