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Miss Tina

Dear Tina, thank you for another wonderful experience, Yes ordered an hour - without mentioning who I was - got an appointment and a little later an SMS, sorry sweet has slept in - can we push it an hour - Yes a little hard when one had now left and the pants had become too small in anticipation of the joy to come - all for a lady - who must have time to look after herself. Then I find the address in northern Aarhus and report my arrival and be notified where the private address is - look up and knock on the door - a fresh reception Tina hides a little behind the door and steps forward where you can clearly see her under the dress big thing between the legs - a sight for gods a beautiful little pee man - ready for lovemaking. Well, but the rejoicing joy is present when she immediately says my name to you I did not expect to see - but what I was glad I had imagined, I am looking forward to it - just a little trip to the toilet and a little play with the shower so the lovemaking cave is clean and fresh, which should be a perfect investment. Received against deep sensual tongue kisses - reciprocally reciprocated while I fully enjoy her beautiful full bodied soft lips - yes what happens! She takes my cock in her mouth and swallows it to the bottom while she gently massages it with her lips - this is the real thing here. There are not many split seconds and my cock has grown to the full extent, rigid and erect as I fill up her mouth all the way up, she tries to gag it as much as possible, while clearly listening to her that here is a really mouthful, but deep down into the throat it should go, while she was sobbing and groaning mouthpieces make me to the great gold medal. Meanwhile, I have got hold of her huge clit - which has now turned into a beautiful rigid cock, I get her turned around and takes it in my mouth and mouth fucks her the best I have learned, the taste is fresh trans pussy so to speak with a great cock. Yes lately I reviewed Tiina wrote I wish she fucked me to orgasm! and what is happening now - she says turn around in doggy and came out to the edge of the bed - as said so done - I now think she will fuck me - but this is not the case but she starts rimming instead, lick and suck it as well as she can my asshole is loving it - while she gently plays with my cock. She does her best to prepare my tight anal cavity - before she push her stiff cock in me - but no she licks on - clearly opens my deepest cave while she drills her tongue slowly and deeply in - she licks my anal entrance nice and deep, where the tongue rotates like a drill in my interior. Gently she sticks her big stiff cock in and then I gets fucked as if it were for life itself - she pumps away with full force while she bumps her abdomen against my ass - after a while, I feel the sperm come full force and her wild moan while the orgasm rolls. No we didn't finish - now she has made my anus ready and she then takes a condom on her hand, where she quietly first sticks a few fingers into my damp hole. She takes my stiff cock in her mouth and sucks away - I think I have to burst, my cock is ready to spray - but she's holding a little again. Now a few more fingers up while we turn around and I lick her still stiff cock in a nice 69's - changing position she's lying on her back while I mouth her the best I have learned - trying to hold back - while I can feel She catches me - with her whole hand up in my tight ass - I look at her beautiful face and brown eyes - while I try to hold back - as I want to fuck her pussy while I look at her beautiful tight ass. But now orgasm is flushing in and I can't stop the redeeming release while I see Tina's beautiful eyes with rays in her eyes, while she can feel my cock head swelling and the sperm pumps in her mouth and throat while she has difficulty getting her breath - while the sperm goes beyond her beautiful plump feminine lips - she licks her mouth and swallows the last drops of hot sperm - and sucks my cock clean. We sit down and talk a little while I play a little with my now relaxing lovemaking tool - she has simply sucked her life out of it - so we relax, talk a little and goes well over time. I massage her well and thoroughly - which she enjoys - while I rub my dick against her hole and balls. But we choose to wait for another good time - my sperm stock is exhausted and Tina´s too - now we must see when Tina is back in Aarhus again -. Then she knows what happens!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Definitely as always - way above expectations a super experience

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Have not looked at the list - we are just looking forward to what is happening - and that is a perfect love experience and a little hard sex - since we hadn't seen each other for a while

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I don't think so - both were given an aha experience.

Comment to the rating

Every time she expands the scale - perhaps because there is mutual chemistry - so it feels in all cases

Time and place of the experience

At the beginning of February

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