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Review by: Christos
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I met her in a clean and comfortable apartment opposite the sea in a nice area of Limassol. Nathaly is an incredible professional from the moment she pick up the phone and until you close the door behind you. She received me in the door with her sexy outfit,20cms high heels,good smell and kissed me.
Her look, body and tool were absolutely amazing.
Her rock hard and big tool gently and I mean gently and slowly penetrate me, this became the first time ever I managed to complete an sexual Ts-act and at the end she really fucked me hard, we both thourghly enjoyed her explosion of pleasures. A bit of advise for you how haven't met her yet, allow plenty of time let her rule and your pleasure will be enormous. Treat her with respect she is everything you can dream of.

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Everything perfect

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08/04/2019 Limassol, Cyprus

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