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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

I met with Isabella,

I was a virgin, never touched a cock! She greats you and takes you to her clean room, she then comes in and pulls out her cock!! My god I didn’t think cocks could be that big, made me suck her cock, she was patient but then rammed it down my throat and took control, once she was hard she lubed up, she needed more tho! She’s so hung girth wise, and slid the tip in and then just rammed her way up me, it hurt a lot, but it felt nice too her cock filled me up hiting prostate! Then she stroked in out in out, I wasn’t too relaxed because it was my first, but she grabbed my head forced me down and pumped me hard for abit, she was hitting my spot so good! I came so hard randomly and I don’t think she realised but then I relaxed as she fucksd me deeper! I sucked her off and she came in my mouth, big load

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Yes, maybe to big

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