Amazing bubble ass

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Ana Linda

I met her in Tallinn.
We chatted at first in agree terms and time.
When I arrived she opened the door in a sexy bodysuit... was warm and kind, hugged and kissed for welcome and walked me right into bedroom...
I was a little nervous at the beginning... because it was my first time... I was afraid of pain and etc...
She told not to be nervous..that it will go exactly as I wish and nothing more.

She looks exactly like on pictures. Beautiful tits, bubble butt and nicely shaved cock.
She started to suck my cock, lubed her cock and asshole, turned her butt closer to me, so I could rub her cock and finger her asshole...her cock started to grow immediately.
She offered me 69... I agreed...
It was a first time to to suck a cock and hers felt good...
Then she started to finger my ass at first with one finger and a little later with two fingers...
Felt good...
After a while she offered that she would like to fuck my ass... I agreed
Lubed me a little and in it was...her 20cm cock...all of it...
She fucked me in missionary...rubbed my dick and talked dirty at same time.
She finished in my dick was harder than ever...
Then I started to fuck doggie...her asshole was amazing... I finished in few minutes...
Overall amazing experience...

Everything was with condom.

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January 2019, Tallinn

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Ana Linda

Is in: Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), Hong Kong
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