Rayza Rodriguez*) is in: Bergen, Norway

Call me at: (+47) 40636897

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Reviews *) Rayza Rodriguez is also known as: Gina, Gia, Baha, Bahar, Daniella and Nadia

  • Endowment
    21x5 cm
  • Alter
    28 years
  • Height
    175 cm
  • Weight
    65 kg
  • Type
  • Nationality
  • Languages
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I am a sharp Trans-goddess and embodies the temperament of 1001 nights. I have a feminine figure with a buxom, proud bust and a special touch.

From soft to hard you will experience a miracle after another here. I am a multi-talented and really love tainted love games. I can be a wild tiger, but also a very nice pussycat...

Tell me your wishes and they will come true if you have rubbed my "magic lamp"!

Active and passive I will bring heaven to earth and make you completely happy! Call me right on, I've been waiting full of excitement for you and your desire!

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N: 1

Did not look like her photos


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