Nice cock and such an amazing ts

Review by: Gabriel
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Cindy Carol

She was just perfect in all acepts.
I contacted Cindy last week,she was in lahti. When I hear her voice my cock immediately become so horny, she was so female and sweet on the phone.
we talk later on watsapp, I was afraid becouse it was my first time with a Ts so I was nervous but she make me calm with the text and calls. She arrived in Helsink and I did not wait so long to get my first experience with a dream girl. I just send a text and we made an appointment for later,but I did think about it and get there early. she surprise me when she open the door, so sexy and she look just like a doll, perfect and sweet smile on the face. We start talking about things from the life and after few seconds she give me a hot kiss and a very nice Blowjob. I got so horny seeing that she had a big hard on and a very nice cock. She asked me to suck her cock and I dint think twice about that, I just put her cock in my mouth.
we play 69 but I was so horny and did come on her lips in a few minutes, so bad, but no she give me a very nice massage and all time erect just like an iron rod. It make me horny again and she fucks me very great, start very slow and sweet, kisses and licks which make me so relexed. She fuck me for something like 20 minutes and later asked me to fuck her.I did it great and she just gave a jet of cum and long of sperm on my face and I did cum one more time. I m so thankful about my first time with Cindy, im sure that she is perfect to have a first time experience. Next time (as soon as possible) will be just better becouse I already love this girl, perfet body and a nice big ass. Cindy I love you, thanks for the best moment and also the hot tea hahaha it was so cold outside and she make me a lovely tea. 100% Guaranteed! I recommend!!!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She is really nice and I did get all that I was looking for.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She does everithing, she dont say no to all that I asked for. I love it

Comment to the rating

Lovely hard cock Dream girl!!!

Time and place of the experience

Helsink Kamppi on 16:00 o clock

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Cindy Carol

Is in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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