Lovely and beautiful ladyboy

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Hello. I visited Dream in the middle of November. I wrote with her before I came and asked her to shave thoroughly. Can not handle stubs and gooseberry legs. I arrived at the agreed time and was greeted by a little cheeky hot thing. I asked her to put stilettos on and some sexy lingerie. That she did .... and she came back completely dressed up, and super beautiful. I felt the perfect breasts and was kissing her intensely ... she slid down to kneel pull my half-stiff cock out. She became very excited about it and tried to swallow it to the root .... she could not but went all the way to try it. The macara and the tears ran down her cheeks ... super naughty .... Then she wanted to have a cock in her tight ass pussy .... well .... we tried every possible position ... she screamed so i was afraid she did not like it .... but she was absolutely crazy about it ... and finally I threw the little body on her back with her legs all the way up ... and I banged her ass until she came and I filled the condom up ..... She asked me to come back again .... and I will do that....

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, she was perfect for me ... I'm only active. Do not know if she can do anything herself ....

Did you get anything not on the menu?

There was no list, only half an hour or a full hour

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I could do anything I wanted.

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Little petit beauty

Time and place of the experience

November 2017

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