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Kelly Jhonson

Do not pass up the opportunity to try this goddess ... really incredible
A month ago she fucked me and even dream of it, perfect, I leave my experience, Coruña I'll tell you a little bit, about my date was with Nina.
I went to see Coruna, I call her, very kind and nice, I ask her if she is busy or not and she tells me to stop by if I want, give me direction and 20 minutes later I'm right there.
I climb the stairs very nervous, the uncertainty of what you are going to find ... I see the door ajar and it opens more for me to pass, she was behind the door. It closes and ... REALLY AWESOME !!!!
I'm very fetishistic about clothes, sets, etc, but she received me totally naked, with heels, but naked, gave me exactly the same, when I see a trans I get so horny. She is a spectacular woman, big leotard with fleshy lips, big breasts but very aesthetic compared to the body, perfect abdomen, wasp belly, culaaazoooo, very hard and round, and a perfect cock.
As soon as she enters, she lets go: ohh, my darling, you look at me and kiss me, I ask her to go to the bathroom to clean myself a little and she tells me thats no problem, I go into the room and she was playing music, I give the donation, and shortly after a couple of sentences between the two of us we are eating each others mouths, I whisper to her that I want to eat his cock and I sit on the bed, "you want a cock, I take care of everything for you" after several attempts trying to swallow that delicacy and being in heaven trying on that cock, I get up and take off my pants, when I see the hard on I have, she turns me into her bitch, she gives me a turn ready to ram it in my ass, me on all fours and then she starts to fuck me, at first it hurt me a lot, but after a few seconds it changed to pleasure ... so much that I can not stand in the position any longer and drop down, she continued giving me pleasure ... paradise, you could see that he was liking it, I do not think as much as I did, but I could tell.
As I noticed that hard cock inside I ask for a change of position, I wanted to ride her, give her the position I best handle, after riding for a while, kissing her and her giving me slaps, at the right point, without pain or marks , very professional, makes me the submissive one, I notice the spasms of the cock inside, It was a great fuck.
We kiss and talk for a few seconds, let me eat her ass on my request, that ass is awesome. After a while eating ass, she started to suck, with that mouth, felt perfect, shortly after, I cum into her mouth-face, leaving that precious full of milk.
Talk, cleaning and kissing after which I leave.
Without a doubt my best experience with a trans, as passive, but I recommend her for active as well, a true goddess body, the next time I will fuck her

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