A big and hard dick, ready for action

Review by: Thorgal
Published: 1508144721000
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Hi I visited Sarah in Athens in September 2017. My expectations were quite high, but I am rather disappointed. The main problems were:

1. I booked a meeting the day before, so I really do not know why was she wearing no makeup?
2. She was not to much engaged in the meeting. She even answered calls while I was sucking her
3. She is practically only active, was even hesitant to take my dick in her mouth

Some good elements:

1. a big and hard dick, ready for action
2. good choice of drinks

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes: deep kisses, being active to her

Time and place of the experience

Athens 2017

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Is in: Athens (Αθήνα), Greece
Latest of 4 reviews: A big and hard dick, ready for action

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