Super hot and well hung

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I went for it after having several thoughts about "she must be visited" last time she was here in August on Østerbro, but I have not dared to go back then. The reasons are 2: she is over 180 and I'm 170 cm and her pretty big cock !! maybe even my age that corresponds to my alias. Ordered 30 min already yesterday, went there on time was shy and nervous, which she discovered immediately. There was silent kiss with tongues, she pushed me quietly down on the bed, we kissed a little more, she now focused on my cock and gave me a super nice blow ala eco :-) She had turned in a sideways 69 and I was now facing her cock - first normal size smaller cock to grow into a big and thick cock - about 18 cm long and thick. I sucked away the best I had learned while she gradually sucked and played my dick ... I did not want to come after 7 minutes, which she listened to for a few minutes but again she went for it with blow and play while I was sucking her, I could feel it was happening to me - and she increased the pace of blow. I actually got a little in her mouth :-) - the rest sprayed all over myself and her. Now we were done she thought - but I wanted to try her big cock in the ass and she was up for it. Before that, she had told me that she could only come when she got fucked, but that option had expired with my release :-( I could actually take that big cock and got fucked pretty hard I think. She simulated a release and pulled out, but it was a good and warm experience. Then I went to the bathroom and she stood there with a still stiff and hard big cock .... Visit her you will never regret she's insanely beautiful and sweet.

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I'm not sure - had fantasized about black kisses and that I got to fuck her, but she had another agenda - maybe because I "only" took ½ an hour. ??

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My experience with most ladyboys/shemales is that if you want an optimal experience, you need to buy 1 full hour - then there is also sperm included in the price, so it's my own mistake that it did not happen. She is beautiful and delightfully accommodating.

Time and place of the experience

Amager 20th of September 2017

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Is in: Amager, Denmark
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