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Lina Cavalli

Lina greeted me at the door to her appartment wearing heels and the blue dress she has on in some of her photo shoots. She looked absolutely amazing.
After a prolonged welcome kiss we went inside and made our way straight to the bedroom. Foreplay commenced, touching, fondling, groping all the while our tongues intertwined in passionate kissing.
I could feel Lina´s hardness through her dress. There was absolutely nothing in the world I wanted more than the contents of her panties.
Soon we were both naked. Seeing a rather large dildo beside the bed, I asked Lina if I could use it on her. She just grinned, opened her legs and lubed her rectum.
As gently as possible I carefully slid it all the way inside her. What an incredible sight, Lina, naked,eyes closed, breathing heavily, her cock reaching for the heavens with a dildo inside her anus.
It was time to go down on her. I started kissing and licking her groins, gently sucking her testacles tounging the periphery of her still full rectum. Her entire genitals were now wet with my saliva. Lina, still moaning, was now pushing her penis toward my face. I gladly took her throbbing cock in my mouth. Afer moving into the 69 Position we deepthroated each other.
Now it was time for Lina to fuck me. NOTHING ever felt better than Lina´s cock inside my anal passage. At first gentle and slow, Lina´s rythym gradually became faster and harder, each stroke somehow better than the last.
My orgasm now approaching, I pulled Lina all the way in and firmly gripping her buttocks, held her there. After a few seconds of her cock pressed hard up against my prostate I experienced,hands free, the most explosive ejaculation ever.
Thank you Lina.
Afterwards, we sat in the living room talking. Lina, now wearing a white bath robe had her legs slightly apart with her now flacid penis cheekily on Display. I wanted it again...................

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St. Petersburg. April 2015

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Lina Cavalli

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