Totally amazing girl and a totally amazing time

Review by: Carlos74
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Samira Sofia

Well what can I say about this lovely girl....... I'm totally blown away!!! I called Samira the day before to organise a booking, she couldn't have been more accommodating, when I turned up and knocked on the door I was nervous but when she answered and invited me in she put me at ease right away..... she was very polite, warm and friendly towards me and was totally mesmerised by her amazing looks and body and when we went into the bedroom well it just got better and better..... this girl is class gentlemen she deserves nothing but respect, please please treat her well and you'll have the most amazing experience like I did.
Will I be back to see Samira? Wild horses couldn't hold me back!!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Samira was everything and much more!!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Well I'll be honest I never looked at the menu....... but we did discuse what could and couldn't be done on my arrival. I was happy with everything she gave me.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I got everything I asked for but this was down to our discussion beforehand, I feel it is very important to speak about this first. Remember guys she's a girl not a porn star!!

Comment to the rating

Well I really can't see how anyone could be anything other than blown away with Samira........she's amazing in every way!!

Time and place of the experience

13:00hrs at Falkirk Scotland

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